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Welcome to rowLog!

rowLog is a digital & webbased logbook for rowing and in operation since more then 15 years. In 2004, rowLog became the first web-based digital logbook brought on the market. Since then rowLog has been constantly evolving and is now available to all clubs worldwide.

The development of rowLog always focused on the users! We've thought of all users: administrators have the best and easiest admin interface available. The rowers benefit from the simple input and the unique map which records a meter-accurate record of the rowed course and the club has a detailed evaluation available.

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Benefits of rowLog


Only a webbrowser and an internet connection is needed to use rowLog.

All Devices

rowLog can be used on mobile phones, tables and on your PC. It doesn't matter what operation system you're using!

Read Access

Members can access their logged data with an readonly access from everywhere.


Some parts of rowLog, like the current driveouts, are available via an API. So you're able to embed it to your website.


All data are transmitted encrypted and stored on our servers that are hosted only in the European Union. You don't need to care about hosting.


The route can be calculated with an interactive map. The track will saved in the logbook.

Damage Report

Damages can be reported directly and will be sent to a registered e-mail address.

Made with Love

rowLog was made for all users - each of your members will love it.

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You want to test rowLog? No problem! Set up a free basic-profile. With the basic-profile all functions are available to you and your club - just the number of members and boats is limited. If you have more members or more boats then you can upgrade your basic-profile into a plus- or premium-profile at any time. This is easy and can be done in rowLog. Don't be afraid - your are not going to make a never ending subscription - after the paid term your profile is automatically changed back to a basic-profile.

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Any further questions?

Do you have more questions or would you like to learn more about rowLog? Just drop us an e-mail!